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Preschool / K-12 Blanket Accident Coverage
FIRST AGENCY is pleased to introduce its Blanket Accident Medical programs for all students, which may include athletic participants. These programs will help take the worry out of all school sponsored activities and/or athletic events by providing supplemental accident medical insurance for all students and/or athletic participants. Since most of the coverages are excess to parental health plans, First Agency can provide maximum benefits at minimum premiums.
First Agency can offer:
  • Tailor-made programs - choice of medical limits, etc.
  • Minimal administration - reduction of paperwork.
  • Competitive rates - group discounts available.
  • Mandatory coverage - no roster or name lists required.
  • Full-pay benefits - no out-of-pocket expense for parents.
  • Lifetime catastrophic coverages from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000.
Why Blanket Accident Coverage? Accident medical coverage for all students and/or athletic participants is an excellent means of complementing your liability insurance as well as providing an additional line of defense against a borderline negligence lawsuit. Providing blanket accident medical insurance also promotes positive public relations between school and parents. This blanket accident medical insurance will cover all students and/or athletic participants during regularly scheduled, sponsored and supervised activities for medical expenses which occur as the result of an accident.